Animal Room Automation

In real life  cages are touched first and then the animals, why does this have to be different in software?

CageTalkers®   allow a unique concept of localisation of racks, cages and animals and a one click process selection, This means fastest data input.and permanent quality assurance of  the data. 


Apart from the powerful processes,  the  smaller user interface and the lower effort for quality assurance, do you find an other difference? If yes get in contact with us, a surprise is waiting for you!

CageTalkers®  are ectronic cage cards . CageTalkers® combine in one device short-range reading and scanning, long-range reading, bidirectional communication and physical alerts with flashing LEDs and the display of cage card information.

CageTalkers® enable process-based alerts at the point of cage, automatic permanent census, automatically archived cage cards, and a paperless animal room.

CageTalkers® server for direct integration via API or flat file interface.

CageTalkers® driver  connects an  existing AMS to the CageTalkers®   through web services offering a ready made cage card structure and cage card image generation.

CageTalkers® animal room automation follows a data-driven  approach to automate all processes on a  changing station. All visual objects are interwoven as integral seamlessly comunicating elements, which are more than the sum of the individual parts. 

Galilei consulting and training provides a quick learning curve for professional implementation.

Is it possible to minimize computer and software visibility and to concentrate on the core animals business again ?

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