Point of Cage Communication

POC – Point of Cage – communication – a new dimension of real-time communication directly at the cage:

CageTalkers® offer a new dimension of communication at the Point of Cage.

The barcode on the frame of the CageTalker and the URL on the NFC chip inside the CageTalkers® offers a static redirection to web pages.and software targets.

Barcodes, QR-Codes or Data matrix codes dynamically created on one of the 3 pages of the CageTalkers® can redirect to information specific for  the cage content or the cage status.

Thus e.g. data from several database sources can be displayed on a Smart display.


POC – Point of Cage – communicationa new dimension of real-time communication directly at the cage

  • Find your cages wherever they are.
  • Scan or read the cages with your smartphone and directly get detailed animal and cage information
  • Order services directly at the cage via smartphone.
  • Get immediate feedback on the CageTalker.
  • Scroll through several pages.
  • Communicate through simple icons
  • Dynamically create Barcodes, QR Codes and Datamatrix Codes
  • Redirect to any source of information by QR Code, Barcode or NFC


Can you instantly communicate task ordering and job completion directly at the cage in your facility ?

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