a-tune AG integrates CageTalkers® in tick@lab

We are pleased to announce that a-tune AG has integrated the CageTalkers® Web Service into their Animal Management System tick@lab. See link: Animal Management System tick@lab. This means that changes in tick@lab appear directly on the CageTalkers® and support QR codes for redirecting to other sources of information. tick@lab generates information on all three CageTalkers® pages. For more information about the scope of support, please contact a-tune AG directly. The system is currently under intense testing by tick@lab users in the pharmaceutical industry.

Galilei offers an extensive web service interface to support CageTalkers®, electronic cage cards. Automatic updates of the graphical CageTalker display and LED flashes are carried out directly on the cage, based on the data transmitted by the AMS. Finding cages in the rooms from outside the rooms facilitates the cage inventory and planning of cage stocks considerably.

Our goal is to extend the functionality of the Animal Management Systems of our partners with the CageTalkers® by physically tracking cages and their locations and alerting users on services and incidents. Our customers profit from the evaluation of the update history of the CageTalkers® receiving cage stock development, inventory and cage billing records.

CageTalkers® are compatible with every Animal Management System and every Cage Type.

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