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Galilei CRS supports the user according to our slogan


Galilei CRS is a data-driven software. Rules have been set up to have the system automatically react with certain actions according to certain facts. This means, in a first step, the user will present the facts  to Galilei CRS – reading cages or  animals provided with barcodes, RFID or other marking systems or choosing manualy via Galilei FacilityExplorer, animal list or Galilei SmartRack . Internal rules in Galilei CRS will evaluate those facts. Accordingly function buttons and service buttons will be automatically offered to the user in the transaction tool bar and in the service tool bar. Galilei CRS only presents the functions which fit the presented data. According to the intended transaction or service the user wants to perform, he of she presses the corresponding buttons. Now the transaction will be immediately performed or the service will be ordered or performed. Based on the business rule, this will take place either without further user interaction or Galilei CRS will offer a widget or a series of dialogues to be performed.

The main features achieving the benefit of working out of the natural workflow with a software thinking along with you:

  • Easy-to-use data-driven user interface.
  • Control center with a look and feel which can be adapted to the needs of the individual user and the device he of she is working with.
  • The same user can have a different setting for a tablet PC stationed in the animal room anda desktop computer with a large display.
  • The settings are saved under the username and the device name. This combination is automatically chosen when the user logs in.
  • Dynamic and content-sensitive tool bars depending on the screen, the content of the cages, and the animals in focus or marked.
  • Automaticly offered transaction or service buttons only to be confirmed.
  • The appearance of the transaction and the service tool bar buttons can be freely defined.
  • The order of the buttons can be freely defined as well.
  • There is a possibility to give static positions to certain buttons.
  • The facility explorer shows the facility in a hierarchical structure consisting of disciplines (labs, work groups, screens) and locations (racks, cages, places).
  • The branches of the FE are visible according to the user rights which the user has been given by the system administration.
  • The contents of a branch and the fonts are configured in the facility explorer settings (FE settings).
  • Fully interactive Galilei SmartRack.

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