Structured project plan containing:

  • Milestones
  • ToDos
  • Resources
  • Responsibilities
  • Message exchanges

A specific implementation model for laboratory animal facilities has emerged in the course of time:

  • Stepwise implementation
  • Test / productive environment
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Online communikation
  • Internet-based documentation

For cross-boarder communication and support we use:

  • VoIP
  • Desktop sharing
  • Session mirroring

Understanding the requirements of our customer, transferring them to the structures and architecture of Galilei CRS, configuring the parameters of the software and customizing the software, if and when necessary, is the task of our consultants. To fulfil these tasks, they can take comfort from their experience gained from projects in the past and the close support of the developer team.

During this task it is mainly all about listening, understanding and verifying the requirements and mapping them to the structure of Galilei CRS.

For this activity, Galilei software has developed a procedure model, which primarily mirrors the requirements of the customer by prototyping them with the available functionality of the software, thus getting feed back from the customer as soon as possible. This procedure is mixed with classical methods of system analysis, if unknown processes have to be supported and customizing of the software will be needed.

Our projects take place embedded in the rich possibilities of our web-based project planning and documentation platform, which is accessible for customers, consultants, developers and sales staff members all over the world.

Modern means of communication, such as Voip and desktop sharing, let all project participants communicate borderless and set-upe their projects safely and efficiently.

However, it is our aim to make our customers independent as fast as possible, but also to let them profit from the developments of other customer projects by offering comprehensive software maintenance, care and consulting.

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