Galilei CRS

Galilei Clinical Research System offers user-group-specific views according to the work environment of the user.

Galilei SmartRack and FacilityExplorer automate the processes in the animal room and at the changing station.  

The animal list supports sorting, filtering, selecting, planning and ordering in the office.

Runs server based by HTML5 enabled web browsers and on stand-alone PCs


  • Animal Room Automation supports by Galilei SmartRack, FacilityExplorer and SoftwareTutor 
    • Husbandry
    • Breeding
    • Cage cards – freely definable, comprehensive & topical
    • Services & work flows
    • Integrated expert system
  • Administration interface for 
    • Projects
    • Animal orders
    • Billing
    • Reports & statistics
  •  Science interface for 
    • Experiments
    • Score sheets
    • Reports & statistics
    • Expert system approach for stress monitoring with automatic notifications
    • Science view with easy-to-use animal list
  • Integrated Galilei software tutor
    • Content-sensitive SOP sensitive help and  support
  • Expert system with open rule editor


Have you ever thought of having software without menus where you can reach every function with only one click ?

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