CageTalkers® are electronic cage labels which replace cage cards printed on paper.

In one device CageTalkers® combine short-range reading without line of sight and scanning with line of sight, long-range monitoring, bidirectional communication and physical alerts with blinking LEDs.


CageTalkers® offer a vast potential of automation, productivity and efficiency

  • Paperless animal room.
  • Permanently updated census.
  • Compatible with all types of cages.
  • Work with your existing AMS.
  • Integration solutions into existing AMS – CageTalkers®Driver, CageTalkers®Server  .
  • POC – Point-of-Cage communication.
  • Find your cages wherever they are.
  • Redirection to animal and cage information via  NFC via Smart Device.
  • Three-page display can be paged with smart infrared access key independent of the network infrastructure.
  • Redirection to service ordering module directly at the cage.
  • Automated archiving of CageCard images.
  • GLP prepared.

CageTalkers® are available in different sizes and different outfits with barcode, NFC and LEDs.


Different holders for different cage types make sure that the CageTalkers® are compatible with all types of cage.

Use different colours for the lids of the CageTalkers® and indicate particular situations with clickers & stickers.


With CageTalkers® you can monitor the content of your cages, signal where they are, signal what has to be done based on processes.

The actual physical location can be compared with the booked location. 

Have you ever thought of an automatic inventory difference in your facility ?

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