PDF-Integration means no integration efforts for the end customer. PDF integration is offered as a service (SaaS).

PDF-Integration is used, where the direct integration of CageTalkers® is not yet possible by dropping XML files or sending SOAP messages from the Animal Management System. PDF Integration works by simply dropping PDF cage cards created with a virtual PDF printer in a DropBox or WebDav folder.

The PDF converter extracts all data from the PDF and then restructures them to construct the CageTalker image.  Then the images are sent to the CageTalker® server.

To allow automatic updates of the CageTalkers® on sending PDF cage card updates for a linked cage, unique cage identifier should be visible on the cage card. Flashing and other controls can be realized by showing a little symbol on the cage card to be then interpreted by the PDF Converter.

The PDF Converter fulfils 2 main requests:

  • Automatic cage card updates
  • Automatic Cage audits, census and the update of cage day statistics
  • Download of the census and the cage day statistic to be integrated into your billing system.

These processes can be easily run from the back office of the facility and return and exact census and cage location check..

All those functions and many more are also available directly through the web services waiting to be integrated  into your  existing animal management system.


  • Easy integration without adaptions in the AMS
  • Card database for cage card history and persistency.
  • Archiving option
  • 3 pages per cage card purpose, independent of CageTalkers® model
  • Implementation of additional logic for cards database possible
  • No additional middleware needed
  • All features supported through symbols on cage card supported

Send uns your cage card and we convert it to a CageTalker

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