Galilei SmartRack

Galilei SmartRack offers different views on the data – according to processes, according to licences, according to strains, according to services, and according to inventory difference


Galilei SmartRack is a fully interactive component and supports the daily work in the animal room

  • Graphical and two-dimensional view representing the real rack.
  • Shows the cages according to processes, strains, protocols, services based on different colouring.
  • Shows different status of cages – empty, female, male, mating cage, mating cage with litter, plugged females, pregnant females and many more.
  • View of roaming cages and inventory difference.
  • Tool tips show the cage content.
  • Colours and button sizes are configurable.
  • Shows reserved slots for workgroups.
  • Shows occupied slots for specific researchers in mixed racks.
  • Nomenclature switches over between coordinates, cage number, cage card number, slot number (incremented number).
  • Interactive, data-driven support of the work in the animal room.
  • Standard aage procedures – move cages, shifting of many cages, close gaps, distribute animals to several cages, pool animals from many cages into one cage.
  • Animal-specific procedures – populate cages with animals, import cage specific, import pairs or trios, pair mating, trio mating, stud male mating, rolling mating, plug check, litter, weaning, sacrifice, discharge.
  • Full support of genetic breeding lines.


Can you imagine to survey the big picture in your facility at a glance ?

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