Excel Integration


Many animal users are keeping their animal records in MS Excel. The cage cards are written manually and often manual notes are taken to update the Excel sheets.

This laborious process is error prone and can be dramatically improved with the electronic cage cards called CageTalkers®.

CageTalkers® automate the remote update of cage cards directly at the cage as soon as the data have been recorded in an electronic file. After scanning the CageTalkerID in the PDF/XML-Converter-Application the images will be sent to the local infrastructure of the customer. The full process can even be simulated even without having a local infrastructure installed.

CageTalkers® provide an automatic cage census by answering with their topical location to a broadcast of the CageTalkers-Server.

The cages which have to be processed first can be indicated by the flashing LED.

All those benefits can now be provided by using a Standard Excel file containing the animal records. By standard Excel sorting and filter functions the cages are selected. With our free Excel Macro the web service compatible XML files will be created and which are synchronized with the PDF/XML-Converter application by a DropBox folder.

Have a look at this 2 minutes video and see how simple you can achieve those benefits for your animal facility or your work group.

Why should you hesitate to provide improved quality of data and flexibility to the users who work with MS Excel?

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