Changing Station – OS

Changing Station Operating System (CSOS) – Enabling automation in animal rooms

Start from your task list and get directed to your cage or directly pull a cage. Switch between husbandry, breeding and experimentation. Could it be easier?

The Galilei Changing Station Operating System automates all processes on a Changing Station. 

Open Interfaces, for various commercial and self-developed Animals Management Systems help to introduce the systems smoothly into the animal rooms.

By means of the Galilei CSOS and the CageTalkers® support, all processes of husbandry, breeding and experiments can be seamlessly integrated in a paperless documentation directly at the work bench. In the process, all objects of the animal room, the racks with the cages and the work benches with the cages and animals are displayed and administered realistically on the software surface.

The operation of the software surface is completely embedded in the real physical processes, and makes post-documentation or recording of information in-between unnecessary. The identification of the cages is carried out automatically by means of barcode or NFC (near field communication) on the CageTalkers® as soon as the cages are pulled out of the rack or placed on the workbench. All updated cage contents are immediately displayed on the CageTalkers® without any manual intermediate steps. All physical cage types are supported with holders or adapters for the electronic CageTalkers® labels.

Tasklists and Work Flows guide the user through orders from external sources.

The SmartRack offers different views on the data – according to licences, according to processes, according services, according to strains, according to services, and according to inventory difference and allows immediate actions to clear the situation.

The unique Data Driven approach which now has been rewarded with a patent provides considerable speed advantages, a simple user interface and quality-assured data-input.

The content-sensitive Tutor is available for all processes, which not only provides assistance for functions, but also allows the filing of data-content-related information (such as SOPs).

The Galilei CSOS can be integrated into existing solutions and serves as an example, how CageTalkers® -integration can be done.


  • Easy-to-use data-driven user interface
  • Full CageTalkers® support
  • All information at a glance
  • Automatic recognition of Racks, Cages and Animals
  • Complete process support for  husbandry, breeding and experimentation
  • Orderlists, Tasklists and Workflow with automatically  addressing of locations
  • Fully interactive SmartRack
  • Detailed situation and content specific help, content adaptable to SOPs


Close the automation gap in animal rooms and provide flexible procedures, quality assured data input and sustainable display to your users.


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