Easy integration of  CageTalkers®  into your  Animal Management System (AMS)


Importing the CageTalkerDriver SOP message structure (WSDL)  into their source code, Animal Management System (AMS) Providers can quickly integrate the CageTalkers® functionalitly in their system and provide additional benefit to their customers

Multiple data sources like an AMS and a Laboratory Information System (LIMS) can use the CageTalkers®-Driver in parallel  and can combine their data on  the same CageTalker. The CageTalkers®-Driver supports Data Object Based Page Creation to avoid unnecessary CageTalkers® updates  and can independenty of the CageTalker models create  3 cage card pages  for each purpose of a cage card e.g. stock holding, breeding or experimenting.

The driver keeps a history of the data and the image files representing those data for each CageTalker in the Cards Database. Additional logic can be implemented for the Cards Database. This means high flexibility in the creation of cage cards in a dynamic environment and a GLP compliant archiving option. 

The CageTalker-Driver is an alternative to duplicate data fields and templates with a flat file transfer in the CageTalker-Server itself and creates the images outside of the server to make archiving of the cards possible. It reduces the  time in the integration process with unparalled functionality specialized on the transactions in animal facilities. Even if the direct Java or Web API should be used, the CageTalkers®-Driver helps to understand the concepts of the CageTalker-Server and helps to avoid a  trial and error approach integrating with the self-developed AMS. The purpose oriented web services combined with the Cards Database do not need additional middle ware and offer a data persistent solution for data exchange.

The most important benefits are:

  • Ready to go cage card message structure (SOAP) independent of the AMS
  • Dynamic creation of CageTalkers® content from AMS transactions
  • Card database for cage card history and persistency.
  • Archiving option
  • Multiple data sources for CageTalker® content possible
  • 3 pages per cage card purpose, independent of CageTalkers® model
  • Implementation of additional logic for cards database possible
  • No additional middleware needed
  • CageTalkers-Application:
    • Immediate automatic checking of CageTalkers® models
    • Automatic creation of Cage Card content and with prompt detailed status reporting
    • Report Builder for Cage Card Layout definition with upload of template files
    • Local cage card viewer
    • Demo XML-file generation for multiple purposes
    • Local Image creation
    • Sending of data or images
    • Drop Folder for XML Files
    • Direct addressing of sub cells (rooms)
    • Flash support directly and through messages
    • Data object based page creation

Start integrating  the CageTalkers® today and provide a paperless animal room, automatic census, physical cage tracking and direct communication at the point of cage.

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