Galilei had a successful meeting at the Felasa 2019 in Prag. Especially the completely self-sufficient solution of documenting animal processes in isolators and not removing the hands out from the gloveports and getting updates directly on the CageTalkers (R) found big interest. 

We also contributed a poster to give an insight  to  our path for automation in animal rooms.

Our booth at the Felasa 2019 in Prag showing a model of an isolator front to demonstrate the processes inside isolators
Demonstrating processes with the Arm Key Pad

a-tune AG integrates CageTalkers® in tick@lab

We are pleased to announce that a-tune AG has integrated the CageTalkers® Web Service into their Animal Management System tick@lab. See link: Animal Management System tick@lab. This means that changes in tick@lab appear directly on the CageTalkers® and support QR codes for redirecting to other sources of information. tick@lab generates information on all three CageTalkers® pages. For more information about the scope of support, please contact a-tune AG directly. The system is currently under intense testing by tick@lab users in the pharmaceutical industry.

Galilei offers an extensive web service interface to support CageTalkers®, electronic cage cards. Automatic updates of the graphical CageTalker display and LED flashes are carried out directly on the cage, based on the data transmitted by the AMS. Finding cages in the rooms from outside the rooms facilitates the cage inventory and planning of cage stocks considerably.

Our goal is to extend the functionality of the Animal Management Systems of our partners with the CageTalkers® by physically tracking cages and their locations and alerting users on services and incidents. Our customers profit from the evaluation of the update history of the CageTalkers® receiving cage stock development, inventory and cage billing records.

CageTalkers® are compatible with every Animal Management System and every Cage Type.

3 Methoden CageTalkers® in ihr Tierverwaltungssystem zu integrieren (Deutsch)

Dieses Video zeigt, wie CageTalkers® in ein beliebiges Tierverwaltungssystem mit Hilfe verschiedener Methoden integriert werden können

3 methods of integrating CageTalkers® into your Animal Management System (English)

This video shows how CageTalkers® can be integrated into any animal management system with various methods

Mating using CageTalkers®. Only the outside of the lid and the animals are touched

How CageTalkers®NFC can be used with a Smartphone

CageTalkers® on Fisch Tank

This video shows how CageTalkers® can be mounted on flat surfaces without adhesives

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Training session by Charles Sikes, Houston

Data Driven Software

Data driven Animal Management Software reacts to called cages by exactly offering only those functions which are possible with the data of those open cages. This assures the quality of the data entry. Data driven software provides software control without navigating through menus or huge boards of buttons. One touch, click or voice command is enough to trigger the function. This is one of the key points to provide rich functionality on small devices and in difficult environments. An other key point for automation is how to achieve a paperless animal room.

Read in ALN World, Issue March / April 2013 about, how Galilei uses this concept to manage animal rooms.  DataDrivenSoftware

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