About us

Our mission is to provide Animal Room Automation which can be integrated into any existing AMS.

Animal Room Automation means easy-to-handle and comfortable support of daily work in husbandry, breeding and research with instant access to the collected information.

Therefore, Galilei tracks containers hosting animals and plants and records observations and services.
Galilei offers functions, alerts and communication for husbandry, breeding and experiments at the Point of Cage.

The objective of our product development is to create lean and automated processes for our customers.
As a matter of principle, we design our products in a way that they can be integrated into existing environment of our customers.

We are convinced that in a globalized world a worldwide network of specialists using modern communication technologies serves best the complex functional and technological requirements of a highly specialized scientific community throughout the world.

Due to our motto “Galilei Software is thinking along with you” we will try to understand your domain and to develop possible solutions with you.

Stephan Hammelbacher


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