PDF-Integration is used, where the direct integration of CageTalkers® is not possible by sending SOAP messages from the Animal Management System, direct API integration in the AMS or the implementation of a flat file interface from the AMS. Another reason for PDF-Integration could be, that a client only want´s a very lose coupling of the CageTalkers with the AMS. If automatic updates of existing CageTalkers® at a cage level should be possible, a unique cage identifier should be visible on the cage card. For letting the CageTalkers blink, a little symbol or sign should be visible in the cage card as well. Return codes will be available through result files. The full functionality of the CageTalker Server and the cards database is available to track the location and check the status of the cages.

Apart from these aspects the PDF-Integration is very simple. Instead of creating cage cards and sending them to a physical printer they are sent to a so-called PDF printer or virtual Printer. Most of those PDF printers allow to generate a specific unique name of the pdfs and naming a folder where those pdfs should be created. This folder is specified as a drop folder in the CageTalkers®- Client application.

The CageTalkers®-Client application analyses the pdfs based on a definition file with an elaborate pattern matching algorithm and communicates based on the XML-data with the CageTalkers® web services.


  • Easy integration without adaptions in the AMS
  • All features supported if cage card has process specific information
  • Card database for cage card history and persistency.
  • Archiving option
  • Multiple data sources for CageTalker® content possible
  • 3 pages per cage card purpose, independent of CageTalkers® model
  • Implementation of additional logic for cards database possible
  • No additional middleware needed
  • CageTalkers®-Application fully supported

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