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Data Driven Software

Data driven Animal Management Software reacts to called cages by exactly offering only those functions which are possible with the data of those open cages. This assures the quality of the data entry. Data driven software provides software control without navigating through menus or huge boards of buttons. One touch, click or voice command is enough to trigger the function. This is one of the key points to provide rich functionality on small devices and in difficult environments. An other key point for automation is how to achieve a paperless animal room.

Read in ALN World, Issue March / April 2013 about, how Galilei uses this concept to manage animal rooms.  DataDrivenSoftware


Compatibility of Galilei Products – Enhance your existing Environment

Did You already know?
The Galilei Animal Room Automation Modul and the CageTalkers® are designed to enhance your existing environment in the Animal Room.
Start actually using computer and software while working out of the natural workflow in the animal room. The Animal Room Automation Modul supports your processes with the fully interactive Galilei SmartRack and the comfortable select and confirm functioning. Cage cards are produced immediately and can be printed on paper or to CageTalkers®.
The Galilei Animal Room Automation Modul can be integrated with your existing Animal Management Software. It works like an add-on and is compatible to any AMS.

The CageTalkers® are Electronic Cage Cards which do not need printer or paper. They match with every kind of cage. Furthermore CageTalkers® run independently with any software – AMS or Laboratory Software etc.

Use these Galilei products to get your Animal Room automated.

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